Ease of Use

There are so many things that are effected when the requirement for placing steel, or other fixed reinforcement, is eliminated or reduced.  Not only is the weight of the entire structure reduced significantly, but the labor intensive placing and tying is gone.  Gone!

The ability to pour reinforced concrete as fast as it can be pumped is extraordinary.  Not only is the weight of  steel greatly reduced but inconsistencies in aggregate are leveled up by the continuous, high strength fibers spanning all areas of the structure.   The concrete itself and its compressive strenth is now the brace for the fibers to enhance tensile strength.  And unlike steel reinforced concrete, the UHMWPE reinforcement can go to the very edge of the structure without being concerned about  environmental corrosion issues.

Everybody has seen this kind of concrete installation.  Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve seen piles of concrete debris at some point that had the rust stains of what was supposed to be reinforcement along the underside.

Are these examples of reinforced concrete?  No.  It’s concrete on a rusting frame.  All the time and expense installing that wasting steel disappears with TNSR Systems delivery mechanism.