Pantheon 26 AD

We wlll build for a millenium AGAIN

Pantheon 26 A.D.

Build for a millenium

TNSR application of 21st Century Material Science

The record of Roman construction using concrete is filled with  structures having astounding longevity.  Pliny the Elder wrote of the strength of their concrete in the first century AD noting that in seawater it got stronger every year.  Today, modern concrete made with Portland cement, circa 1824,  is considered to have a  50 year life in seawater. Unfortunately, when the Roman empire fell,  about 476 AD ,  it took the recipe for this incredible building material down into history with it.

There is no other man-made building material that can boast of a history covering thousands of years if done right.  TNSR Systems concrete, created by streaming space age materials into a high strength and durable composite, is stalking the potential of Roman concrete

The United States patents  relate to 1) [U.S. Patent: 9963318] streaming fibers and wires into a pumpable substance, and 2) [U.S. Patent:10,118,314] generating real-time quantitative reporting of the fiber streaming.

Wrapping concrete, or other pumpable substances, in ballistic-strength Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE) fiber will enable structures with longevity rivaling the  buildings left to us from the Roman Empire.
TNSR Systems LLC is starting the clock on this new recipe.

Advancements are happening at such a rapid rate in every field that often some of the most significant escape notice. For example, Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE) fibers are the strongest fibers in the world yet many applications that would benefit from their use are unaware of this advancement.

Wrapping UHMWPE fibers in concrete creates TNSR composite concrete, an advancement that will change the way concrete is used in a multitude of applications. TNSR composite concrete is immune to all significant environmental factors, allowing reinforcement even to the edge surfaces of concrete.

Ultimate tensile strength

  • Rebar Steel,  ASTM A36         550 MPa
  • UHMWPE fibers           2500-3500 MPa
  •  Graphene                          130,000 MPa
Graphene Visualization

Advances in fiber material sciences are accelerating us into the future and this is creating opportunities for businesses seeking technology advances to decrease costs and improve product quality.  The discovery of Graphene  in 2004,  the strongest material ever discovered, will impact all areas of construction and every facet of life.  People are already seriously dreaming about building space elevators with 22,000 mile cables of graphene!  Back on earth, the ability to stream fibers into concrete, UHMPE then graphene, that are 100’s of times stronger than steel, will lead to just such fantastical advancements in structural engineering.  TNSR Systems delivery mechanism is currently ready to create 21st century composites using all current and future fibers.

TNSR Systems is creating a new kind of building material, a substance that brings back durability long forgotten.  This quick outline, modeled on the DARPA Heilmeier Catechism, presents our goals and dreams in as concise a manner as possible.